PRESIDENT: Graham Murgatroyd E:
SECRETARY: John Power E:

The peak body for its member clubs which promotes the interest in, collection of, and use of muzzle-loading firearms

Muzzle-Loading Association


The Shooting of Historic firearms has been a feature of NSWMLA Club shooting since its inception.

In the early days the core focus of NSWMLA activity was based on the use of muzzleloading firearms. This has changed throughout the years with the availability and adoption of early breech loading and historic military firearms being taken up by member Clubs.

As this adoption of both new calibres and rifles followed, the NSWMLA promoted a new “Target Rifle” class as a development of the existing Service Rifle class, which was based on the Australian-issued .303 Service Rifle with improved sights and bedding.

Meanwhile, the number of enthusiasts for older firearms continued growing, this prompted the NSWMLA to adopt the Historical and Classic Classes. Since then, the types of firearms used by member Clubs have grown to include Gallery rifles, Single Shot Rifles, Schuetzen rifles, and modern shotguns.

The NSWMLA has kept pace with this and has compiled Rules, Equipment, and Match data to enable members to participate in competitions using these firearms under a standard set of conditions



The principal objects of the association are as follows:

1. To Promote & Improve the sport of shooting in all its forms, with particular attention paid to Muzzle Loading, Historic and Classic firearms.

2. To provide the peak body for Muzzle-loading, Classic and Historical Rifle clubs, and clubs with similar interests throughout New South Wales.

3. To promote muzzle-loading, Classic and Historical shooting as a sport in New South Wales.

4. To set up uniform shooting and scoring rules for inter-club competitions.

5. To represent member clubs, to other sporting bodies.

6. To represent member clubs, to persons, government, statutory authorities, or inquiries that may have influence over the sport of shooting.

7. To issue press statements on behalf of the shooting fraternity.

8. To develop a code of ethical conduct for all using firearms.

9. To be an associate or member of such organisations that may be of benefit to this association.

10. To formulate rules to cover the various categories of firearms used by member Clubs

11. To preside over any disputes within or between member Clubs

12. To organise, or cause to be organised, Championship competitions

13. To facilitate the selection of the Club’s members to participate in international and interstate competitions

14. To gain, own, purchase or lease land on which the Associations member Clubs can pursue their chosen sport

15. To continue to develop new and different styles of shooting competitions to accommodate Members changing interests

16. To provide a means for the exchange and furtherance of knowledge pertaining to firearms, ammunition, accessories, and shooting generally.

17. To educate people in the art of shooting, safe handling of firearms, field etiquette, and knowledge of the laws relating to firearms, hunting, target shooting, and arms collecting.

18. To promote and uphold game conservation by way of advocating open seasons for game species consistent with the Association’s principles of game conservation.

19. To oppose the use of firearms for subversive and/or other unlawful purposes.

20. To promote responsible hunting.

21. To promote an interest in Australia’s Colonial past with a view to collecting studying and displaying period firearms and associated accoutrements

22. To maintain the status of an amateur shooting organisation.